Talk 14

マハルシ 画像

8th January, 1935

An old man came and sat in the hall. Maharshi was reading Sarma’s Sanskrit recension of Arunachala Akshara Manamalai (the first of The Five Hymns to Arunachala). The man asked softly: “It is said that realisation is beyond expression; and expression always fails to describe the realisation. How is it?”

M.: The point has been mentioned in Arunachala Ashtakam, Verse three where it is admitted that, although the expression of realisation is impossible, still its existence is indicated.

Soon after there were visible signs of emotion in the man. His breath was deep and hard and he fell on the floor prostrating humbly and got up only after one or two minutes. Remaining calm a brief while, he left the place. Evidently the man had some illumination. He sought confirmation from Maharshi, who responded fittingly. He found confirmation, and humbly and feelingly acknowledged the divine intercession on his behalf.

ある一人の老人がやってきてホールに座った。マハルシは、『Arunachala Akshara Manamalai 』(『アルナーチャラへの五つの讃歌』の初版本)のSarma氏のサンスクリット語訳の校訂本を読んでいた。その男性は、穏やかに尋ねた。「悟りは言葉では表現することができないと言われています。言葉は悟りを表すことが絶対にできないと。どうしてなのでしょうか?

マハルシ:その点は『Arunachala Ashtakam』の三番の詩の中で語られている。確かに悟りを言葉で表現することはできないが、それは示されるとある。


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