Talk 43 (1)

マハルシ 画像

Mr. S. Ranganathan, I.C.S., Collector of Vellore, Mr. S. V. Ramamurthi, I.C.S. and Mr. T. Raghaviah, late Diwan of Pudukottah State, visited the Asramam. Mr. Ranganathan asked, “Kindly instruct me as to how the mind may be controlled.”

M.: There are two methods. The one is to see what the mind is; then it subsides. The second is to fix your attention on something; then the mind remains quiet.

The questioner repeated the question for further elucidation. The same answer was returned with a little more added. The questioner did not look satisfied.

S. Ranganathan氏( VelloreのI.C.S., Collector社から)と、同じくS. V. Ramamurthi氏、そして、T. Raghaviah氏( Pudukottah State州の故司法長官)がAsramamを訪れた。Ranganathan氏が尋ねた。「心をコントロールする方法を教えていただけませんか?」



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