Talk 46 (1)

マハルシ 画像

After hearing the Malayalam version of Upadesa Sara chanted, Mr. Ramachandra Iyer of Nagercoil asked in a characteristically unsophisticated way about the mind, concentration and control.

The Master said that the mind is only identity of the Self with the body. It is a false ego that is created; it creates false phenomena in its turn, and appears to move in them; all these are false. The Self is the only Reality. If the false identity vanishes the persistence of the Reality becomes apparent. It does not mean that Reality is not here and now. It is always there and eternally the same.

Upadesa Saraのマラヤラム語版が唱えられるのを聞いた後で、NagercoilのRamachandra Iyer氏は、独特な洗練された言い方で、心、集中、そして心の統御について尋ねた。


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